KB Brar Brings Hasselblad and RED to Indian wedding, North America’s First ever!

Kb Brar Bring 2 of the most expensive camera systems, Hasselblad Medium format for Photography and RED 5K video camera system to Indian Wedding market.

Kb Brar happens to be the first India Wedding cinematographer, in entire North America, to shoot 4k video on RED digital cinema system and Now Kb Brar does more to keep that going by bring along a Hasselblad Medium format digital Photography system into the Game.

Our goal behind the entire investment on this expensive gear is very simple and clear, Kb Brar’s approach to your wedding is alway unique, custom tailored to your desired. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and it need that special touch and care that Studio K Cine’s entire team can provide and has been known for.Your wedding deserves better. Call Kb Brar at 5107704000 and book your wedding with us today.

Besides covering the wedding ceremony we pay extra attention to:

Couple getting ready.

bride’s entire family get their photographs done before heading out to Gurudwara.

After their wedding ceremony the newly wed gets their couples Portraits taken.

Best cinematic punjabi wedding photographer in bay area

kb brar wedding photographer

best cinematic punjabi wedding photographer in bay aera

Kb Brar's New Hasselblad system

Results form both of these camera systems are supreme to anything in the market at present.

best ever by Kb BrarSo booking Kb Brar for your wedding video Photography and Cinema needs is the best option .

Have us film your wedding. lets make your big day memorable.

Kb Brar's new camera makes best photos

Should you book Studio K Cine inc. for your wedding the benefit is as follows:

Kb Brar delivers your wedding photographs on time .

Your wedding photography look awesome , million dolor awesome.

we finished your wedding video on time.

Kb Brar provides you with options like your wedding video can be a Documentary wedding, Cinematic wedding video and 4kUHD cinematic film style.

Indian wedding photogtravpy and cinematic filming is a balance between  fine art skills and a delicate knowledge of the culture and rituals that take place during the entire wedding.